We apply a consistent and disciplined process, whether we are investing locally in the UAE, regionally in MENA, or globally.


Process and Approach

By combining our top-down and bottom-up process, we provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns using both long and short strategies in listed equities and fixed income instruments. Our sophisticated risk management systems and diligent, dedicated and innovative approach supports this goal.
Through the experience of our investment specialists, who have been working in the MENA region for over 10 years, we have extensive understanding of the markets and companies we invest in.
Each member of our investment team has a specialist focus in specific sectors and has the freedom to voice an opinion on individual holdings across all sectors. We encourage open communication among the team to leverage our collective expertise, via weekly meetings and ongoing dialogue on a daily basis.
Our CIO leads this approach, funnelling our macroeconomic views to shape our outlook on the region and global markets. We complement this with our fundamental analysis on specific names in the portfolio, as well as granular data from sell-side research and valuation models. Learn more about our investment team.


How We Create Value

Our competitive edge is based on:

    The 10-year performance of our MENA portfolio
    The consistency in our performance
    The longevity of our team and the working relationship they have developed

The experience of our team members drives our investment philosophy and the pillars that define it: consistent communication, flexibility in style, long team tenure, and a portfolio consisting of core and satellite positions.
Our team uses a buy-and-hold approach for our core positions, and makes calls driven by valuations, momentum or thematics for our satellite holdings. See more details about our portfolios.
To ensure our team makes the right investment decisions, it makes use of all available resources for idea generation. This includes identifying investment themes based on market trends and sell-side research. Our team are also willing to take contrarian calls.