MENA Equity Strategy

    An absolute return strategy that aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in listed equities in the MENA region.
    The portfolio seeks diversified and attractive asymmetric risk-return opportunities using a top-down and bottom-up approach.
    The process is research driven, applying in-depth fundamental analysis of countries and stocks, to identify and invest in secular long-term trends and major events that affect market liquidity.
    The fund invests in quality names with a high potential return on invested capital, an established competitive advantage and robust management.
    Available in a fund structure (Cayman) or segregated account.

Global Long Short Strategy

    A generalist, long/short equity tilted fund that uses a top-down, sector-based thematic approach with bottom-up, fundamental stock selection in global equity markets.
    The strategy utilizes a core and satellite approach where core holdings are longer term consistent compounders and satellite holdings are opportunistic shorter term, higher return investments.
    The objective is consistent, positive absolute returns throughout all market cycles. The strategy primarily invests in equity and makes selective use of equity derivatives and FX forward contracts for hedging/investment gains.
    Our investment time horizon is between six and 12 months.
    The strategy has outperformed the MSCI ACWI Index on a cumulative basis since inception.
    Available in a fund structure (Cayman) or segregated account.